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Regenerative Health

What Is Regenerative Health?

Your body is made of trillions of cells that must be nourished to thrive. Healthy, well-nourished cells help your body perform well.

Amino Acids, nutrients, vitamin d, and metabolism boosters help optimize your body’s health and performance at the cellular level to aid in:

  • Boosting metabolism
  • Cleansing the liver
  • Boosting endurance
  • Enhancing energy
  • Destroying homocysteine
  • Raining acetylcholine levels
  • Stimulating nerve connection
  • Repairing the immune system
  • Building and repairing tissues
  • Increasing androgen receptors
  • Making needed chemicals and proteins


iV Therapy

iV Therapy

PrimeMD’s cutting-edge formularies are continually refined by Dr. Joseph Hummel so you receive the latest advancements that help your cellular health.

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NAD+ & Aging

NAD+ & Aging

NAD+ levels decline as we age, we can help by administering NAD+ supplements to slow the process.

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Skincare Products

The SkinBetter team of aesthetic experts developed Restylane dermal filler and Dysport neurotoxin®. They have a profound understanding of skin aging and defying the effects of time.

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